A list of my top data analysis projects, in the form of Jupyter Notebooks and R Notebooks. Most notebooks are available fully open-sourced on GitHub, with a MIT license.

Instacart market basket analysis

Data Exploration, Customer Segmentation, Association Rules Mining on the Instacart orders data

travel time optimization using ant colony and genetic evolution

Used evolutionary algorithms to tackle the travel time optimization problem for taxi vehicles

Fashion recommendation

An end-to-end solution for large-scale image classification and visual recommendation on fashion images


An in-depth data analysis and data visualization project for Spotify Artists' "This Is" playlist series

fashion mnist

4 Image Classification ConvNets models on the Fashion MNIST dataset

best team line-ups for World Cup 2018

An exploratory data analysis and D3 data visualization project on FIFA 18 dataset.

movie recommendation systems

4 Different Movie Recommendation Systems for the MovieLens dataset

deep learning

Performed Deep Learning Techniques on Image Recognition and Text Sequence Datasets in Jupyter Notebook

the complete guide to deep learning

A Guide for Those Who Know Some Math, Know Some Programming, and Now Want to Dive Deep into Deep Learning