My life motto: "Constraints Drive Creativity"


I am a final-year Master Student studying Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology (go Tigers!). My research thesis focuses on Deep Learning Based Recommendation Systems. I also have done two Data Science internships at startups in Los Angeles and New York. On the side, I freelance as a data science journalist - writing about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision.

I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Communication and a minor in Computer Science from Denison University in 2017, during which I did summer internships in Business Analytics and Product Management at VC-backed startups in Seattle and San Francisco.

I finished boarding school in Rabun Gap, Georgia in 2013, prior to which I spent 16 years being born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I maintain a list of the books I read on Reads and keep track of a list of podcasts I listen to regularly on Listens. I also occasionally write on Medium, regularly commit on GitHub, daily tweet at @james_aka_yale, and always look to connect on LinkedIn.

I'm working on a Medium publication called Cracking The Data Science Interview, which consists of blog posts covering topics tested in a data science interview - such as Machine Learning, Statistics & Probability, Algorithms, Python & R, Database - coupled with advice from data scientists and applications in the industry. Follow it!

Last but not least, I'm the host of a podcast called Datacast - where I have raw conversations with practitioners from the worlds of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics, and data science. Check back often for the new episodes!


data science

A list of my top data science projects, in the form of Jupyter and R Notebooks, fully open-sourced on GitHub.

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data journalism

A list of my top writings on data science, machine learning, and statistics, featured in major technical publications.

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