My life motto: "Constraints Drive Creativity"


I am an upcoming Master Student in Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology (go Tigers!). My intended research will focus on Machine Learning and Data Mining. In the mean time, I'm working as a freelance data journalist writing about Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning etc.

I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Communication and a minor in Computer Science from Denison University in 2017, during which I did summer internships at small tech startups in Seattle and San Francisco.

I finished boarding school in Rabun Gap, Georgia in 2013, prior to which I spent 16 years being born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I maintain a list of the books I read on Reads and keep track of a list of podcasts I listen to regularly on Listens. I also occasionally write on Medium, regularly commit on GitHub, daily tweet at @james_aka_yale, and always look to connect on LinkedIn.

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data science

A list of my top data science projects, in the form of Jupyter and R Notebooks, fully open-sourced on GitHub.

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data journalism

A list of my top writings on data science, machine learning, and statistics, featured in major technical publications.

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